New MABPRO Public Events are just a click away!

As we move forward into 2023 and launch new sections and services, we needed a place for all students and members to be able to go and find the public events they are looking for.  The MABPRO Public Events Calendar is now available at  Here you will find a listing of our Instructor Training, Webinars, AR Events, Q&A Sessions, and PodCasts. 

  • Instructor Training – these courses help current instructors seeking to renew or upgrade their M-Level, and new instructors seeking to bring MAB to their Member Teams. 
  • MAB Webinars – Instructor led online training offered on a multitude of topics for CEUs and M1 MAB Courses.
  • VR Events – Training provided in our virtual university located in the Metaverse.
  • Q&A Sessions – The opportunity to ask questions to M4 Level Instructors on MAB-related topics via live virtual meetings.
  • The MAB Tactical View PodCast – join us as we interview industry leaders and responders and address the topics that matter to you and your employees. 

Check back frequently to stay up to date on the MAB events coming up!  If your facility has a need for an in-person MAB event, and it is not listed on the Calendar, please contact us at 1-888=619-8880 and we will be glad to help. 

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