How do I begin? resume? find my cert? register in bulk? schedule training? get fingerprinted?

How do I begin training? (Video)

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Students invited by their company:
Accept your group invitation from your email and create your account. Accept invitation > > sign up > enter your details > check your spam for the confirmation email > sign in > open your dashboard.
If for any reason you do not see your course return to your email and accept your group invitation.

Independent Students: Go to or select any of the courses under the “Course Catalog” drop-down menu at the top of every page. After checkout you can find your course in your dashboard. 

How do I resume/navigate my course? (Video)

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After signing in click on the dashboard at the top of every page. Then go to my courses > select your course > select the lesson you left off on. You can also click on the profile drop down arrow in the top right of every page for more dashboard shortcuts.

How do I find my certificate?

Sign in and go to dashboard > my certificates.

Your dashboard can be found in the top menu or under your profile dropdown in the top right once you’re signed in. There is also a shortcut to “My Certificates” under your profile dropdown menu.

How long does my certificate last?

  • MAB certificates last 1 year for healthcare/general public and 2 years for DSS/Direct Care Providers.
  • Instructor certificates last for 3 years.

How do I register students in bulk? (Video)


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  1. Open our live chat & request multiple registrations.
  2. MABPRO will create your company a group dashboard. This will allow you to invite your students via email & track their progress. Your dashboard will also track your remaining number of registrations. Open our live chat to get started or to order more registrations. 

How do I schedule Instructor lead training?

Open our live chat so we can discuss your training needs. A live instructor can train in-class or via webinar.

How do I schedule a service like fingerprinting?

Open our live chat or give us a call to schedule an appointment anytime mon-fri 9a-5p.

Why aren't I receiving MABPRO's emails?

Check your spam and please mark us as “not spam” if you find us there. 

If you still do not see our email please make sure is whitelisted.

If you are still having trouble please open our live chat and we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

How much does fingerprinting cost?

The total cost of your fingerprinting is determined by the following:
1. MABPRO’s rolling fee of $18
2. The requesting agencies determined by your ORI # at the top of your Request for Live Scan Form 
DOJ = $32
FBI = $17
(MABPRO’s average total cost per fingerprinting is $67)

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