MABPRO CPR & AED Instructor Training

Train in-house & on demand - Certify members of your staff as CPR instructors

MED 1 Basic CPR & First Aid Instructor Training

$ 500 Per Student
  • Get Certified to Teach CPR & First Aid to Your Staff
  • 8 Hour Training
  • 3 Year Certificaiton

Instructor training allows organizations to remain flexible by training in-house as needed!

Having staff members trained as instructors provides high quality in-person training for each of your employees whenever you need it.

Having an instructor on your team keeps CPR training fresh.

Hands on training is highly effective, and nothing beats having that trainer around.

CPR & First aid trainers are certified to train your staff for 3 years! Hiring new staff usually requires CPR training. With an instructor on staff CPR & First Aid Training can be done anytime you need it.

With an instructor on staff you can still utilize our blended learning training option. Setup a company dashboard with us for online training and do your in-person skills checks in-house with your instructor. This is a very popular option.

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