Welcome to MABPRO International!

25 years ago we at MABPRO developed our core program Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB). It was developed by a retired FBI crisis negotiator working with mental health professionals.

Who we are...

Today, this industry leading trademarked workplace violence prevention and training program is nation wide. Our commitment to workplace safety is setting the standard and helping agencies of all sizes safely support moments of conflict.

The world is experiencing high levels of societal stress. COVID-19 and a divided world lean into the limits of first responders capabilities. The need for threat reduction is a focus across all industries that support people as they encounter daily life. The philosophy & tactics taught in our MAB courses have been tested and proven to lower risk, increase safety, and cohesively strengthen the team morale.

Multi level instruction to meet your training needs.

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Director of Operations

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Director Marketing and Development

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What we do...

MABPRO’s mission is to eliminate workplace violence by empowering teams of healthcare professionals with retainable tools. These effective tools focus on the basic human behavior that takes place before, during, and after crisis. A large portion of workplace violence can be prevented with training that improves your team’s overall situational awareness. In most cases, crisis will not escalate when everyone on the team understands and agrees on the correct step forward.

How we do it...

MABPRO’s provides three lanes of support. Employee Development, Instructor Enhancement, and direct HR Support. Our training and support programs meet the regulatory needs of your business. Our focus in on safety and retention. Employees that receive conflict management training improve customer support, increase productivity, and have a healthier management approach.

Employee Development

We offer the courses you need to professionally develop employees and meet training needs.  Our course catalog provides MAB, CPR & First Aid, and Continuing Education (CEUs) instruction.  Courses offered 100% Online, in-person standard classroom formats, and a mixture of both (blended learning).

Instructor Programs

Our multi level instructor development program ensures that you train to meet the needs of your workplace.  Train and Certify your employee with in-house instructors supported by a nationwide team of resources.

HR Support

Additionally MABPRO provides fingerprint services, pre-hire  medical screenings, and  TB Testing services to HR department of all sizes. 

Let us help you meet your training needs...

We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s care professional industry.