Course Price - $85.00 Per Student

Class Detail:

  • Length of Certification is 2 years. 
  • Certifications issued at the end of class
  • Class is LIVE in-pool instruction
  • Students will get wet
  • Course is combined with Basic CPR.
  • Students receive a water safety certification and a separate CPR certification, each good for two years.
  • Minimum class size of ten (10).
  • Call to schedule class, or use our chat line for instant course support.

Course Description -

Learning Objectives of Water Emergency Training Today: This class teaches individuals how to recognize, prevent and respond to emergencies in, on or around the water. This course is a combination course.  Water Emergency Training is provided in-pool along with poolside rescue CPR.  This course requires students to get wet.

  • Describe risks associated with an aquatic environment or activities.
  • Prevention of water related accidents such as drowning or head, neck and spinal injuries.
  • Describe how to prevent, recognize and respond to emergencies in, on and around water.
  • Recognize the importance of water safety training.
  • Describe appropriate safety practices and rules that should be in place and enforced at home pools.
  • Explain steps to take to remain safe in aquatic environments, including oceans, lakes, rivers and waterparks.
  • Learn how to perform reaching, throwing or wading assists.
  • Describe steps for preventing overexposure to the sun.
  • Describe how to prevent recreational water illnesses (RWIs)

This Course is Approved For:

  • Teachers
  • Day Care Providers
  • Baby Sitters
  • Pre-School Workers
  • Teachers Assistants
  • Educators
  • Parents/ Grandparents
  • Foster Parents

Additional Course Offerings:

First Aid and CPR for Care Providers
CPR for Medical Professionals
Management of Assaultive Behavior

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