M1 MAB Online 2023

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This course includes M1 MAB Management of Assaultive Behavior training in one online session. This course is AB 508 & SB 1299 compliant. Students finish confident in workplace violence prevention & deescalation techniques. Certificate available immediately upon completion.

Class Detail:

  • Self paced course
  • 100% online
  • Course is ~2 hours long
  • 4 CEUs
  • Same day certifications accessible anytime in your dashboard.
  • 2 year certification for Direct Care.
  • 1 year certification for healthcare & the general public.
  • Register students in bulk with a company dashboard.

This Course is Approved For:

  • General Public
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • LVN
  • CNA
  • Care Providers
  • Direct Support Providers
  • Group Home Staff
  • Day Program Staff
  • Social Workers

Course Description -

This M1 MAB course has been setting the standard for workplace violence & deescalation training for over 25 years.

In this course students learn how to professionally conduct themselves before, during, and after a crisis in the workplace.

Our modular style training provides students with the knowledge and confidence they need to manage assaultive behavior. Students are trained in a modular fashion to well understand every component of crisis. Before crisis takes place students are trained to understand environmental & situational awareness to better determine the avenues of approach. Combined with proxemics and risk management students train to be completely capable of assessment and determining how they will choose to influence the situation. With a focus on active listening and critical thinking MAB trained individuals are well prepared to prevent crisis from erupting.

In the case crisis does arise we focus on deescalation techniques as well as understanding the full range of emotions the person in crisis may be going through. We practice how to quickly identify and present options for deescalation using the 10 MABPRO crisis response principles that include utilizing team collaboration. Drilling tried and true negotiation techniques and creating a plan in the moment that your team can quickly pick up on is key to deescalation.

M1 MAB is fully compliant with all California State SB-1299, AB-508, California Health and Safety Codes; 1257.7 and 1257.8, OSHA 8 CCR 3342, as well as all other State and Federal laws required to meet compliance for a mandatory workplace violence prevention program.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Situational Assessment
  • Types of Awareness
  • Steps to Situational Awareness
  • Steps to Environmental Awareness
  • The Team Dynamic
  • Proxemics
  • Avenues of Approach
  • Risk Management
  • Imminent Danger to Self or Others
  • The 10 MABPRO Crisis Response Principles
  • Defining and Responding to Stress
  • Fundamental Reasons Why People Lose Control
  • MTAC Defined
  • Critical Thinking
  • Trigger Words & Phrases
  • ¬†Using Nonverbal Communication
  • What is Active Listening
  • Negotiation for Success
  • Identifying and Presenting Options
  • Quickly Defining What Not to Do
  • Understanding the Assault Cycle
  • Inward Planning

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