Starting the Process:

To get started first schedule your appointment on this page as MABPRO no longer accepts walk-ins.
Be sure to have a request for live scan form completely filled-out before you attend your appointment. This form is usually given to you by the requesting party, or you can find a blank one here. This form along with a valid Driver’s License or State ID will be needed to complete your live scan.

Understanding how fingerprints are made:

MABPRO uses a live scan process to capture your fingerprints in a digitized format. These images are then transmitted to a state repository, the DOJ, and/or the FBI.
During the process you will scan the flat tips of your fingers followed by a roll of each finger from fingernail to fingernail. If you have a health problem that hinders you from performing a wrist roll, you are missing a finger, or even have a finger that won’t straighten there are settings on the live scan to bypass these and other types of issues to ensure you are still able to complete the live scan.


MABPRO’s fee to roll your prints is $18, but you will be charged for the fees associated with your requesting agencies. Take a look at the live scan pricing table below for more info.

Type of License / ApplicationRolling FeeDOJFBIOtherTotal Fee
Adult Day Care$18$42$17$0$77
Adult Day Support Center$18$42$17$0$77
Adult Residential Care Facility$18$42$17$0$77
Adult Residential Facility – Admin Cert$18$42$17$0$77
Adoption Employee/Facilitator$18$42$17$15$92
Alcohol & Beverage Control Lic$18$0$0$0$18
California Lottery Retailer$18$0$0$0$18
Cemetery & Funeral License$18$32$17$0$67
Certified Nurses Assistant$18$32$0$0$50
Certified Nurses Assistant Plus$18$32$17$0$67
Child Care Center$18$42$17$15$92
Child Care Center – Mildly III$18$42$17$15$92
Child Care Center – Volunteer$18$42$15$15$90
Child Care Center 6 or less$18$34$0$0$52
Child Care Center 6 or more$18$32$17$25$92
Chiropractic License$18$32$17$0$67
Contractors State Lic. Board$18$32$17$0$67
Dental Board of California$18$32$17$0$67
Elderly Care Facility$18$42$17$0$77
EMT Certification$18$32$17$0$67
Family Child Care Home$18$32$17$15$82
Family Child Care Home – Volunteer$18$42$15$15$90
Family Day Care$18$34$0$0$52
Foster Family Agency Staff$18$42$17$15$92
Foster Family Agency Sub Staff$18$42$17$15$92
Foster Family Agency Certified Homes$18$32$17$15$82
Foster Family Home$18$34$0$0$52
Group Home (6 or less)$18$32$17$15$82
Group Home (7 or more)$18$42$17$15$92
Group Home – Admin Cert$18$42$17$15$92
Home Care Organiziation$18$42$17$0$77
IHSS (Elder Care)$18$32$0$0$50
Infant Center$18$42$17$15$92
Notary Public$18$32$17$0$67
Pest Control$18$32$17$0$67
Pharmacy Technician$18$32$17$0$67
Physicians – Medical Board$18$0$0$0$18
Real Estate License$18$32$17$0$67
Record Review DOJ$18$25$0$0$43
Registered Nurse$18$32$17$0$67
Residential Care Facility for the Chronically Ill$18$42$17$0$77
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly$18$42$17$0$77
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly – Admin Cert$18$42$17$0$77
Residential Child Care (less than 6)$18$34$0$0$52
School Age Child Care Center$18$42$17$15$92
Security Guard (Guard Card)$18$32$17$0$67
Secuirty Guard with Firearm$18$32$17$38$105
Small Family Home$18$32$17$15$82
Social Rehabilitation Facility$18$42$17$0$77
Teaching Credential$18$32$17$0$67
Transitional Housing (6 or less)$18$32$17$15$82
Transitional Housing (7 or more)$18$42$17$15$92
Trustline Employee$18$32$17$15$82
Trustline Subsidized$18$0$0$0$18
Trustline Volunteer (mentor)$18$32$15$15$80
Trustline Ancillary Day Care Provider$18$32$17$15$82
Ombudsman (employee)$18$32$17$0$67
Ombudsman (Volunteer)$18$32$15$0$65
Home Care Aide$18$32$17$0$67
Vehicle Sales License – DMV$18$32$0$0$50
Veterinarian / Veterinary Tech$18$32$17$0$67
Vocational Nurse$18$32$17$0$67

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