Nurses share photos of bruised faces after 13+ hour shifts – Copy

Italian nurses share selfies of bruised faces after 13-hour shifts

As Italy faces one of the largest outbreaks of coronavirus, Italian nurses are taking to social media to share what it’s really like trying to save lives during the global pandemic.

Selfies featuring their exhausted and bruised faces have gone viral on social media. These injuries come from them wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) day after day, hour after hour. Yet, they also share messages of hope — and a warning for people to stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Nicola Sgarbi, a nurse in Italy, wrote about his experience on Facebook. His post was written in Italian and was shared 74,000 times. Here is a rough translation of his message:

“I don’t love selfies. Yesterday, though, I took this photo. After 13 hours in the ICU after taking off all my protective devices. I don’t feel like a hero … I am a normal person, who loves his job and who, now more than ever, is proud and proud to do it by giving all himself on the forefront lines together with other wonderful people (doctors, nurses, oss, technicians, cleaners).”

Sgarbi and other nurses are raising awareness about the experiences of health care workers helping to treat patients with COVID-19. Many countries, including the U.S., face critical shortages of masks and other PPE devices. While Sgarbi and others paint a picture of a dire future, he also offers hope.

“It will also pass thanks to you and your hard work and sacrifices,” he wrote. “It will pass if we are united … don’t give up.”

Martina Benedetti is an intensive care nurse in Tuscany. She shared a picture of her bruises on social media and the image quickly went viral. The Facebook post describes the frenetic pace she and her colleagues keep every day as they treat patients with COVID-19.

“Drops of sweat falling from your face, a face-melting under the … mask, plastic glasses, visor, cap, wrapped in a waterproof coat, maybe two sizes (too big),” the translation of her post reads. It has been shared 56,000 times. She continued: “‘The patient must be intubated’ … ‘Is desaturating’ … ‘Is hypotensive’ … Run, keep sweating … Prepare the drug with two pairs of gloves that limit your habit movements of your hands.”

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