MAB Instructor Development:

MAB Instructor Development


The MAB Instructor Development section contains updated information and new training to enhance the professional delivery of the MAB curriculum.

Course Responsibilities

How to run and process MAB Courses. Guidelines and time frames for student processing

R&S Laws and Regulations

A library of regulations from all over the United States that govern MAB training requirements

Restraints & Seclusions Usage

Instruction on the laws that govern the use of Restraint and Seclusion in the care profession

R&S Student Guide Book

This workbook helps guide the student through the Course on Restraint & Seclusion Usage

Purchase Instructor Gear

The MABPRO Store is a great place to locate the gear you need to keep instruction engaged!

Understanding The ACS Process

This Course Outlines the ACS Process - Assess, Communicate, and Serve & Support Customer Service.

Reaching the Adult Learner

Guidelines for Instructors to help teach adult learners and foster high retention rates.

Sharing The Art of Instruction

Tips from MAB Instructors on how to professionally prepare and support MAB Courses.

Upgrade Your Instructor M-Level!

MAB Is offered in three levels of Acuity Response. Check here for guidance on Upgrading!