MABPRO: A Relentless Pursuit of Safety.

 At MABPRO International, oDarrell Pictureur pursuit of excellence is relentless when it comes to Safety.  Our Students expect that from us, and we demand that from ourselves.  When I think of safety, my first thought is of the front-line responder needing as much help as he or she can get to make that safe choice and keep patients, staff, and the public free of harm.  Safety is – and always has been – our top priority.  There is no greater responsibility for us then to deliver instruction to you and your employees in a safe, professional, and practical manner.

There are many factors that go into operating a safe work environment.  We take the details of safety to heart, and continue to improve the modality that is MABPRO.  As we have grown and expanded, so to has the complexity of our operation.  Every year over 10000 students are introduced to the MABPRO Modality.  With over 2000 classes across the United States provided by the MABPRO Instructor Core, and a training partnership with over 200 hospitals, Behavioral Health Facilities, Security Firms, and Care Organizations (plus more are on the way).

This year we are on track to exceed our performance target, and we continue to receive outstanding recognition for our world-class Customer Service.

I am immensely proud of our record of Reliability during our over 30-year history.  Out of all major crisis response programs, we continue to stand out as the premier, customizable service modality for any industry.

So how do we do it?  I credit the 100 plus MABPRO employees who have a vision to become the worlds most loved, most trusted, and the safest training organization.  One of the traits we ask of our people is to have what we call a warrior’s spirit that drives our constant pursuit of improvement.  Our people think and act like owners:  they find creative solutions to challenging issues, are efficiency experts, and keep our cost low so we can pass on the savings to you in the form of low instructional fees.

We are fully aware that safety is imperative on this journey of life, we know your mission, we share in this mission.  For us, it’s a passionate pursuit that fuels our quest for constant improvement.  You deserve that from your favorite training partner, and it’s our pleasure to deliver.

Darrell McLaughlin – President – MABPRO International