This fully customizable, MABPRO Management of Assaultive Behavior® (MAB)® violence prevention and de-escalation program will cover the essential and trusted methods of crisis negotiation, which when utilized in the stages prior to any physical intervention or assault that personnel might be faced with, will in most cases, prevent the need for any physical intervention. And in the event that the intervention becomes physical in nature, the program will then address the methodology to protect those in danger and defend oneself humanely and safely, as well as how to help effectively manage the assaultive situation, individually and as a group.

We at MABPRO™ feel that any physical intervention between staff and clients is an absolute last resort when it comes to helping to manage behavior and creating a higher level of safety within the healthcare setting and that is why we are committed to providing a Restraint Free program and methodology to those organizations who believe in and require a Restraint Free Policy.

This program is a must for anyone who desires to feel more confident and empowered within their own abilities to react properly when faced with an unexpected or potentially harmful situation, as well as to help develop a cohesive and productive team of individuals to work with. Feeling safer and more confident to deal with difficult situations is especially important these days as the world has taken such an unpredictable turn within the last few years and being able to act quickly and defensively has become an essential survival tool to emulate. We will not only teach you and your employees to defend themselves verbally, but physically as well, within a manner which reduces the potential risks for physical injury, both for the client and staff. Your staff will gain a new sense of security and confidence by learning these proven techniques that do not rely on strength in any way, but rather balance and leverage, so anyone, no matter what their size, can now learn and actually perform these humane maneuvers and thus keep themselves and those around them, safe and free from injuries.

The goal of this training is to assist the participating employees in developing the skills necessary to recognize the signs of a person escalating to the point of possible violent behavior and then to confidently intervene after recognizing those signs of escalation by a client or individual, in hopes of avoiding a possible violent situation, or in the face of a violent situation already occurring. Following the training, personnel should be able to feel more comfortable with knowing how to properly recognize warning signs of a potential crisis within the workplace, whether the individual who is perpetrating the assault is directing it toward others or themselves. Once that has been established, they then will be able to react appropriately, defuse effectively, or respond physically if necessary, while ensuring the safety of the clients, themselves and any personnel or individuals within the milieu of the healthcare or business facility.

As a result, this workshop focuses primarily and more importantly on the proper identification of the situation at hand, the essential concepts of negotiation and de-escalation to initiate, the appropriate responses that will not escalate the problem, the effective verbal interventions that can defuse the client or aggressive individual and the safe redirection of the incident into a calm and therapeutic one. This philosophy and training can, when applied properly, transform some of the most difficult scenarios into ones in which the employees will learn, both effective ways to de-escalate potential assaults within the workplace, while gaining a strong sense of confidence when faced with a potentially violent situation, in order to help avoid a physical one. Students will learn new ways to react and respond to any situation, guaranteed.