MABPRO first started out as a workplace violence course created by a retired FBI crisis negotiator. Fast forward 25 years and MABPRO is now branded as the official workplace violence training for healthcare professionals! The philosophy & tactics taught in our courses have been tested and improved over the years by health and psychology professionals that became passionate about MABPRO’s mission.

MABPRO’s mission is to eliminate workplace violence by empowering teams of healthcare professionals with retainable tools. These effective tools focus on the basic human behavior that takes place before, during, and after crisis. 
A large portion of workplace violence can be prevented with training that improves your team’s overall situational awareness. In most cases, crisis will not escalate when everyone on the team understands and agrees on the correct step forward.
By choosing to train with MABPRO you are choosing to learn the same proven techniques that your co-workers have been practicing for decades. This creates a common ground and exponentially increases your team dynamics. 

Here at MABPRO we are dedicated to continuously improving the quality and effectiveness of our courses. We hope you are along for our journey as we increase our use of technology to optimize our training! Since 2018 we have transitioned our in-class training to an online experience that continues to get better and better. MABPRO now has a filming & recording studio to provide live webinar training as well as continuous upgrades to the content in our courses.

Please open our live chat if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our training!