Hello Everyone – Below is a list provided to me from Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC). It lists mental health wellness tips for those under quarantine, or sheltering in place. You can download the full document in an English and Spanish version.

1. Stick to a routine. 
2. Dress for the social life you want, not the social life you have. 
3. Get out at least once a day, for at least thirty minutes. 
4. Find some time to move each day, again daily for at least thirty minutes. 
5. Reach out to others, you guessed it, at least once daily for thirty minutes. 
6. Stay hydrated and eat well. 
7. Develop a self-care toolkit. 
8. Spend extra time playing with children. 
9. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and a wide berth. 
10. Everyone finds their own retreat space. 
11. Expect behavioral issues in children, and respond gently. 
12. Focus on safety and attachment. 
13. Lower expectations and practice radical self-acceptance. 
14. Limit social media and COVID conversation, especially around children. 
15. Notice the good in the world, the helpers. 
16. Help others. 
17. Find something you can control, and control the heck out of it. 
18. Find a long-term project to dive into. 
19. Engage in repetitive movements and left-right movements. 
20. Find an expressive art and go for it. 
21. Find lightness and humor in each day. 
22. Reach out for help—your team is there for you. 
23. “Chunk” your quarantine, take it moment by moment. 
24. Remind yourself daily that this is temporary. 
25. Find the lesson. 

I hope it helps –


Darrell McLaughlin – President MABPRO

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