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Management of Aggressive Behavior

This course not only meets the requirements of the California AB 1825 law and how it is presented, but exceeds the expectations by providing your company with a very engaging, interactive and completely customizable training designed specifically to meet the needs of your facility. The information presented is current and relevant to your company dynamics, using the latest laws and legal expectations to train your staff to know exactly what not to do, as well as what to look for and how to react to situations that may arise.

The Supreme Court stated that the court will no longer heavily rely on the two different forms of sexual harassment, “quid pro quo” and “hostile environment.” The Court called these two forms of sexual harassment of “limited utility” in assessing employer liability. As a result, an employee that refuses the unwelcome sexual harassment of a supervisor, and who suffers no adverse job consequences, can still bring a sexual harassment lawsuit against her employer if the employee can show they were discriminated by the sexual content. The employee will not necessarily be required to show a loss of advancement, retaliation, loss of income, or stress as they once did under “quid pro quo” and hostile-environment. They will need to show that the nature of the sexual content they experienced caused them sexual1to experience discrimination.

This means that even though the employer has a policy against sexual harassment and even when sexual harassment training is provided to their supervisors; they still can be held vicariously liable in cases where a supervisor uses sexual content to discriminate against an employee. The courts are now looking at what a “reasonable person” would determine to be sexual content that could cause discrimination versus the old standards of quid pro quo and hostile-environment. The Supreme Court did not throw out these standards, but will not rely on them as courts have in the past.

If you are an employer, it is time to change how you deal with sexual harassment in your company. Currently at least 40% of all women report being sexually harassed at some point in their career, and men currently account for 11.6 % of all sexual harassment cases filed with the EEOC. So, the chances of your company needing to respond to a sexual harassment concern is great. Be prepared and you will likely deal with it successfully for all parties involved.

By using participatory videos, poignant and effective Power Points, informative handouts and a dynamic and experienced trainer, your staff will have all of the knowledge necessary to help avoid the destructive and costly incidents that plague our business environments today.

Following each class, all participants will be requested to complete a post test and will receive a CEU-eligible certificate of completion and all materials, including post tests, certificates and participant evaluations will be provided to the hosting facility, or to the participant directly in the effect that it is a private class. Workshops can accommodate from 4 to 100 attendees and can be completely customized to the facility and their individual needs.