Yes! All of our curriculum is AB 508 and SB 1299 Compliant, OSHA Compliant, CCL Compliant, Joint Commission and CMS Compliant, DDS Approved, and many additional regulatory agencies. We update our knowledge base contently to help the members of the MABPRO Training Network stay current in all regulatory requirements.

The answer is YES! We maintain a very full public class offering at many locations. All of our contracted Facilities are encouraged to offer public access to class where possible. This helps the CARE provider community meet it combined training demand.

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Absolutely! We maintain a fleet of Mobile Training Units (MTUs) that are specifically designed to bring our courses to your facility. We bring all the needed equipment for your training needs. We are a 24 hour a day program because we know that some shifts are just more difficult to schedule into class.

Our minimum class size requirement is 10 students and we have the ability to teach classes as large as you need. All Classes above 25 students incur a second instructor fee of $200.00, this helps us ensure all instructional elements are safe for your students.

We provide the materials to you for free, this helps us keep the cost of instruction down so we can pass those savings onto you. Certifications can be issued at the end of class.

Our main focus is on prevention through individual and team response. Over three fourths of all instruction is on how to avoid the conflict and to prevent physical response. We accomplish this with our CORE curriculum, which is specifically designed to help the responder and his or her team make better and safer decisions.

We understand that the world of crisis response is full of many variables, and that the professionals who are charged with this responsibility have to deal with them all. We always hope for and seek the least restrictive approach, however not every situation can be verbally negotiated and some people in crisis choose violence as a means to an end....the MABPRO Modality is there to help keep safety always present in every response need.

Our Mission is Patient Safety, Responder Safety, and Public Safety!

We are always looking for ways to make training more convenient, and more accessible to our students. If your facility has the ability to allow public students into your scheduled trainings taught by the MABPRO CORE, we will provide for your facility a per student discount of $5.00 off the certification fee for all of your students, for as long as you allow public students to attend. That is a serious amount of savings sure to help any training budget!

We, at MABPRO, try our very best to make sure that the process of bringing the MABPRO modality to your facility is stress free. We understand the importance of smooth Course Scheduling. To help in getting your MABPRO Program into operation we have developed a five-step process for bringing on new facilities into the MABPRO Training Network:

The following is the step by step process for developing our training partnership:

Step One - Click and fill out the Service Request Application below.

Step Two - Brandon Hamilton, Our Director of Development, will contact you and
set up a time to discuss the needs outlined in your application.

Step Three - A Facility Contract will be developed and sent to your facility for review
and authorization
Step Four - Once you have returned the authorized contract, we schedule your
classes to meet your training needs, and verify them with our schedule.

Step Five - The MABPRO Instructor arrives and teaches your requested course.
Evaluations are available by request for every course you schedule.