Understanding Crisis Prevention

Every day in millions of different circumstances all around the world moments of crisis spring up by surprise. It is in those moments of crisis that emotions are flaring and instincts are kicking in, often times causing the situation to get worse. In this article, you will learn 3 concepts that when remembered, can help you prevent a crisis.

How many moments turned into a crisis in your life because people didn’t know how to handle themselves or the situation? Understanding crisis prevention not only increases your safety but also the safety of others. More often than not crisis escalates from situations that could have been handled easily. Do your best to memorize the 3 bullets below so if you ever find yourself heading into a possible crisis situation, you are aiding to the situation rather than making it worse.

    Crisis oftentimes originates from the frustration of not being heard. When you sense a situation may turn sour the best thing you can do in that moment is to understand what the person in question is trying to communicate. Once you understand and you’re showing it the feeling of you being on their side may be all they need to move towards a solution rather than continuing to get upset.
    In crisis situations, it is easy to feel victim to your surroundings. Feeling like you have no control of the situation can make it hard to relax, or even think straight for that matter. Remember you have control of YOU! Just as we all control our own cars to avoid crashing we can all control our own actions to avoid panic, and making the crisis worse. Your part in a crisis situation is to keep yourself calm. Only after handling yourself can you help others or even have a positive impact.
    After reeling yourself in and calming down most people want to help the situation find resolve. Usually, we all want to help however not every situation gone wrong needs multiple people, sometimes too many helping hands can cause more harm than good. Depending on the situation ask yourself or someone already helping if getting involved would help or hinder, many times there’s already enough help and the best we can do is stay out of the way.


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