MABPRO has developed the MAB training curricula and set the industry standard in the process! We understand that training is irrelevant in the classroom if it can not help maintain safety in the field. We recognize that every facility is unique, every patient is unique, and every situation is unique. We developed the MABPRO modality to help meet the flexible variables of real world environments. MABPRO supports a network of programs and facilities across many industries, all focused on patient and staff safety.

We invite you to be part of our MABPRO Training Center Network, and look forward to helping you make your MABPRO Training Center the best in your market! There are many who claim to be MAB, but only MABPRO is the real MAB Program for todays CARE Professionals!

A company or individual that is an independent business, offering MABPRO training courses to outside companies, organizations or individuals.

Applicants will have $1 million in general liability insurance, indemnify MABPRO on their insurance policy and, if insurance is cancelled, they will inform the MABPRO immediately within same business day.
Each applicant will be registered as a business in the state in which it is headquartered.
Applicants will agree to the Terms and Conditions of the MAB-TC Agreement.
If the applicant is a Training Site, the applicant will have a recommendation from
the MAB-TC. They must be a Training Site in good standing.
Applicants will submit Resumes for Approval along with all MAB-TC Applications,
Applicants will provide a business and marketing plan for their region.
Applicants will provide a business location, accessible by the public, and
supplied with the required gear listed in the MAB-CAM.
All MAB-TC Instructors will hold valid Instructor Certification for the M-Level that
will be instructed.

One time Application Fee: $50.00 Per Student Card Fee: $5.00 (sold in blocks of 25) Annual Association Fee: $200.00 3 Year M1 Instructor Certification Training: $1500.00 (Per-Instructor- CORE Financing Available) 3 Year M2 Instructor Certification Training: $2000.00 (Per-Instructor- CORE Financing Available)
MABPRO revised its criteria for new Training Center (TC) candidates in early 2017. To meet training demands across the U.S., MABPRO is working diligently to add Training Centers in areas where there is a demonstrated need. MAB-TC applications will only be extended to those able to meet the minimum criteria, and where MABPRO has determined there is a geographic need. We are currently accepting inquiries for MABPRO Training Center Applications in all 50 States and in our 8 Service Regions.

MABPRO Regional Map

MABPRO chose to develop the MAB-TC concept where all instructors must be aligned and accepted to teach under the auspices of a single agency. To become a MAB-TC there is a detailed application process with follow-up review to ensure that the proper equipment, personnel, and means exist and that there is a system for Quality Assurance.

MABPRO prides itself on ensuring that programs taught are kept to certain training guidelines, needs of a community (a MAB-TC must teach a certain degree of classes), and integrity, with respect to the course completion cards, test security, and program delivery, is maintained.

We, at MABPRO, try our very best to make sure that the process of Developing MABPRO Training Centers is stress free. We understand the importance of smooth program processing. To help start the development of your MABPRO Training Center, we have developed a five-step process for adding new MAB-TCs into the MABPRO Training Network:

The following is the step by step process for developing a MABPRO Training Center:

Step One - Click and fill out the application below.

Step Two - Brandon Hamilton, Our Director of Development, will contact you and set up a time to discuss the needs outlined in your application.

Step Three – A New Vendor Meeting will be scheduled to provide MAB-TC In Processing and Orientation. During this meeting the MAB-TC Contract will be reviewed and Authorized, and a Site Review will be conducted.

Step Four - Once you have authorized the MAB-TC contract, we schedule your instructors for training at one or our MABPRO Development Events held every three months at multiple locations across the United States (If you have Five or more Student Instructors – we can come directly to you).

Step Five - After your Instructors pass the course and become certified, they register onto the Instructor Lounge online – this gives them full access to all training materials pertaining to their M-Level, including the ability to order Certification Cards, you are now ready to begin courses!

To start your MABPRO Training Center Application Click the Application Button Below,