The 5 Categories Of Workplace Violence

Hands Up Workplace Violence

With Mabpro de-escalation and crisis prevention is the name of the game.

You never know what can happen next when it comes to assaultive behavior or conflicts at work so Mabpro has created 5 categories of workplace violence that cover everything you may encounter at your workplace.

Mabpro’s training breaks down each of the 5 categories into de-escalation and solution steps so if you ever have to deal with one of these categories below you are perfectly trained and prepared to handle it in the best way possible.

You may not know what will happen next but with Mabpro you will be ready for anything.

Category I: Violent acts by people who have no connection with the workplace, other than to commit a crime.

Category II: Violence directed at employees by customers, clients, patients, inmates, or others for whom an organization provides services to.

Category III: Violence against coworkers, supervisors or managers by a present or former employee.

Category IV: Violence committed by someone from outside who has a personal relationship with an employee.

Category V: Violence committed by individuals whose ideology propels them to commit violence.

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