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M4 Level Instructor License:

MABPRO is proud to offer the newly redesigned and much improved MAB Instructor Training Workshop offered to anyone who is sponsored by a base facility or organization that wishes to provide the best in Violence and Crisis Prevention Training for their employees and the clients they serve. Attending this training will help to create a higher level of understanding and confidence that will resonate into every aspect of life, ensuring a much safer atmosphere for anyone, whether they work within the volatile critical healthcare field or not.

Good instructors are the life blood of successful training. Instructors are experts in their subject and provide a valuable contribution of real-world experiences. In return, experts enjoy sharing their experience with other professionals and benefit from the new perspectives and enthusiasm of the learners. Instructors often take time from their own responsibilities to help the programs they serve. It is important to do as much as possible to help instructors have a positive experience so that the effectiveness of the MABPRO Modality is presented to the students in ways that enhance retention. Teaching adults requires not only expertise in a subject matter, but also the ability to convey the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for an individual to successfully perform a job. The Instructor CORE curriculum will introduce a construct for the systematic development and delivery of training for adults, as well as ideas for successfully managing a training program.

MABPRO M4 Instructor License:

  • This training provides the ability for the instructor to teach the MABPRO Initial and Re-Cert Courses.
  • M4 Instructors can teach Point and Principle levels of the curriculum.
  • Advanced levels of Safe Evasion Maneuvers
  • Restraints and Seclusion Laws and Regulations.
  • MABPRO Clinical Containment Protocols
  • MABPRO Correctional Containment Protocols
  • M4 Instructors are certified to teach Team Dynamic Level CEU Courses, CARE Professional Level CEU Courses, & MEDSEC Level CEU Courses.
  • Suicide Prevention Training
  • M4 Instructors are certified to teach Active Shooter Training Protocols
  • Certified to Complete Risk Assessments
  • M4 Instructors are Certified Train the Trainer Instructors.