Joseph Haraszti, Ph.D., Medical Director , Las Encinas Hospital – Pasadena, CA

“As a practicing Psychiatrist within the medical community and Medical Director of Las Encinas Psychiatric Hospital in Pasadena, California, I have known Doc Elliot for fifteen years now. During that time, I have watched as Doc has distinguished himself in every aspect of clinical psychiatry and in doing so, has created a respected reputation of being able to understand and solve just about every situation that he is faced with. He has a unique gift of possessing an intuitive understanding of very complex problems concerning the assessment of potentially explosive and violent situations before they occur and handles crisis with great courage, skill and confidence. Not only can Doc handle these very challenging situations superbly within the psychiatric setting, but he also has the ability to share his knowledge by educating others with his very creative, pertinent and entertaining training, using a rare combination of wisdom and empathy. I recommend his training highly.”