We, at MABPRO, try our very best to make sure that the process of bringing the MABPRO modality to your facility is stress free. We understand the importance of smooth program processing. To help in getting your MABPRO Program into operation we have developed a five-step process for bringing on new facilities into the MABPRO Training Network:

The following is the step by step process for developing our training partnership:

Step One - Click 'Continue' below and fill out the application.

Step Two - Brandon Hamilton, Our Director of Development, will contact you and set up a time to discuss the needs outlined in your application.

Step Three - A Facility Contract will be developed and sent to your facility for review and authorization
Step Four - Once you have returned the authorized contract, we schedule your instructors for training at one or our MABPRO Development Events held every three months at multiple locations across the United States (If you have Five or more Student Instructors – we can come directly to you)

Step Five - After your Instructors pass the course and become certified, they register onto the Instructor Lounge online – this gives them full access to all training materials pertaining to their M-Level, including the ability to order Certification Cards.

Our main focus is on prevention through individual and team response. Over three fourths of all instruction is on how to avoid the conflict and to prevent physical response. We accomplish this with our CORE curriculum, which is specifically designed to help the responder and his or her team make better and safer decisions.

We understand that the world of crisis response is full of many variables, and that the professionals who are charged with this responsibility have to deal with them all. We always hope for and seek the least restrictive approach, however not every situation can be verbally negotiated and some people in crisis choose violence as a means to an end....the MABPRO Modality is there to help keep safety always present in every response need.

Our Mission is Patient Safety, Responder Safety, and Public Safety!

We understand that the startup of training and certification programs can be very costly. The Card Fees, Book Fees, Instructor Fees, Recertification Fees, and per Student Fees can add up and be very expensive. Sometimes Agencies discover that the training programs that the facility invested into just does not meet the need of the population being served. They know they need a better solution, but cost and transition of service is a factor.

Facilities in this dilemma usually have the following questions:

1. What do we do now?
2. We already paid for our staff to become instructors, and we don’t have it in the budget to train into a new program. How can we afford to train new instructors?
3. We already have pre-purchased certification card stock and books, how can we get that money back or replace those supplies for a new program?

MABPRO has developed the Switch Without a Hitch Program to help those agencies take on our improved training curriculums and provide a pathway to a safer workforce under a proven, field tested modality.

The MABPRO Switch Without a Hitch Program allows for a FREE service for service exchange process:

1. For every current and valid competitor instructor certification, we will provide
a like kind MABPRO Instructor Training free of charge, good for three years
from the time of new instruction - This extends your Instructor Certification
Time at Zero Cost to the Facility.
2. For every Pre-Purchased un-used Certification Card Stock from our
competitors, we will provide MAPBRO Proprietary card stock in exchange, free
of charge.
3. To alleviate the cost of pre-purchased books and materials from another
modality MABPRO will provide free digital access to all MABPRO Training