Frequently Asked Questions about MABPRO

Every healthcare facility that has either or both a Behavior Health Department, or an Emergency Department are required by California law (CA. Assembly Bill-508) to provide those who work within these departments, whether you are positioned staff, or are simply floating to the departments, with effective and comprehensive training in the skills of recognizing, reacting appropriately and safely to, and preventing violent situations within these settings. So whether you are, or will be employed within these departments, you will be required to obtain training in order to be compliant within the facility or facilities you work at, and in some cases, it will be required for you to obtain the training before a healthcare facility will hire you. Many facilities will also require employees from other departments to take this training, which is recommended by MABPRO™ and it is a facility’s decision and right to require that any and all of its employees, whether they work with the Behavior Health and Emergency Room environments, or not, take the Violence Prevention Training.
MAB® is one of a handful of Crisis Prevention/Behavior Management Programs available these days, designed to teach employees within the behavior health and medical fields, as well as the general work force the important principles of recognizing, reacting to, de-escalating and preventing aggressive, hostile and violent behavior exhibited by people being cared for by healthcare professionals and other vulnerable businesses. Our belief is that any violence prevention program is valuable for those within the fields where the potential for violence is a daily reality, whether it is ours or by another company, but the brand and methodology within MAB® is by far the most recognized, the most trusted, the most up-to-date and most advanced violence de-escalation and prevention program available. Using techniques forged from nearly forty years of effective and consistently used training throughout the country and the world, combined with a dramatically new and improved psychological-based crisis negotiation system woven through its core of trusted results, MAB® has become stronger than ever and re-invented itself as the leader in preventing, correctly reacting to and effectively managing any aggressive and violent incident with the least amount of force involved and in most cases, avoiding any physical intervention at all.
The name AB-508 is actually the codename derived from the California Assembly Bill #508 law, enacted and placed into law in 1993 in order to ensure that anyone working within the Behavior Health, or Hospital Emergency Room environments are provided with mandatory training by their employers with some form of assault/violence prevention education in response to the rising numbers of violent incidents within these volatile settings. (See the actual AB-508 Law) The AB in AB-508 does not stand for Assaultive Behavior, but rather the abbreviations for “Assembly Bill” combined with the California Bill Code for this law. Organizations who name their Violence Prevention Programs AB-508 are simply using the Bill name for their reference to this law as a label for their particular Assaultive Behavior Program. The AB-508 Program are typically abbreviated versions of the recognized MAB®-type programs and fulfill just the very basic requirements necessary in order to remain barely compliant for the specific facilities they are in charge of providing the training for only, but do not fulfill the needed requirements and criteria in order to be called a legitimate Management of Assaultive Behavior® Training which is recognized by all healthcare facilities the world over. All California healthcare facilities recognize the Assembly Bill name of AB-508 as the law that they are required to provide the Assault Prevention Training, but many healthcare facilities do not recognize the AB-508 program in of itself as a program, only for the California Bill name it is derived from and will require the training they provide and require employees to take, or have taken before they can be hired, to be taught by a more widely-recognized training such as the Nationally-accepted MAB® (Management of Assaultive Behavior®) or other mainstream Violence Prevention Programs.
The AB-508 Law does not stipulate that anyone is required to take MAB annually, but stronly suggests it as an “ongoing, regular basis” but the healthcare and workplace safety regulatory agencies such as CMS, The Joint Commission and even OSHA are now requiring a person who is required to have it through their employment be trained and recertified annually.