5 Ways to Foster Patient Compliance

More often than not patients at hospitals are grateful for the help they are receiving. Most people do their best to relax while the hospital staff listen, poke, prod, test and examine us. It’s not always comfortable being examined, however, most of us are ok with it because it’s in our best interest. However, not everyone handles the poking and prodding as well as the rest of us. Some people become downright incompliant, even though what is happening is in their own best interest!

  1. Ask Questions
    • Asking the patient questions will show genuine interest in their well-being. The patient knows why you’re there but it will feel less robotic if you’re asking questions that show interest in their overall health. This builds trust!
  2. Excercise Compassion
    • This might be your 100th patient today and you’re on 2 hours of sleep so being personable is the last thing on your priority list. However, your compassion for their pain can keep you safe as well. No one likes feeling like someone is just going through the motions when it comes to your health. Practice compassion to keep the patient from feeling like they don’t matter.
  3. Never Take Anything Personal
    • Its natural to want justice when someone insults or demeans you. As a medical professional letting a negative opinion of you go in one ear and out the other is key to maintaining order and safety.
  4. Encouragement
    • Encouragement goes a long way toward boosting a patient’s self-esteem and making him or her feel capable and in charge once more. When someone is under care they may feel vulnerable and therefore uncomfortable, encourage them to relax by affirming their safety.
  5. Voice the process
    • A lot of the stress that comes from possibly incompliant patients comes from confusion or distaste for what they think is going on. As a medical professional you can voice the process the patient is following as it plays out to keep them in a feeling of understanding and control. This will help them trust what is going on and ultimately help you help them.